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GSM Intercom
GSM Intercom-1 call button

Fixed Wireless Terminal
NEOS3000A Series (GSM Gateway)
Call Diverting Box
GSM Terminal, GSM Gateway, Fixed Cellular Terminal-FWT, Premicell
SIM Cards Manager
NEOS+SCM50 Series (Fixed Wireless Terminal + SIM Cards Manager)

IP PBX Business Telephone System
NET-100 is a SIP-based IP-PBX

Industrial Modem
GSM/GPRS Modem | DTU (Data Transmission Unit)

3G USB Modem
TSU240 3G USB modem

Mobile Phone For Kids
I3300 kids phone

Mobile Phone For Elderly
S3300 mobile phone

DMT- E1 / T1 PRI ISDN GSM Gateway
GSM Channel Banks / GSM Multiplexers / Digital Mobile Trunk (DMT)

PCI-Express Mini Card Module
MPE405-Q PCI Express Mini Card Module

Personal GPS Tracker
Multi-Report - MMS / SMS / Voice / GPRS

USB port of NEOS3000A

SIM card Module
SCM50 product. (SIM card management device)

Telephone Box
Transfer the Tip & Ring to RJ11

USB port of NEOS3000A

3G Rounter (Module Built-in)

3G Router (None Module Built-in)
TBR-N101 is a 3G/3.5G Mobile Router

Network Digital Signage




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